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What We Do

As a Weight loss Management Clinic, we devote our time and resources to providing care in the areas of medication, therapy, counselling, and diagnostic follow-up. We work with our patients’ family physicians as we assist them through their weight loss journey.

​We support our patients in attaining and maintaining lifestyle changes that can help them embrace and maximize the opportunities that lifestyle medicine offers.

Aspire Bariatric & Lifestyle Clinic
is a weight loss and weight management medical clinic that offers:
  • Comprehensive management, long-term care, and follow-up for patients, who are experiencing significant weight challenges

  • Extensive bariatric care and management.

  • Screening and management of weight-related health conditions

  • Nutrition and lifestyle modification programs


Our Team

Our team comprises experts with professional backgrounds in Internal Medicine, Nutrition, Obesity Medicine, Diabetes Management, Family Medicine, and Lifestyle Medicine – all the building blocks you need for holistic bariatric care and management.

Our combined years of experience in the field and robust network of resources empower us to deliver quality, timely, and impactful treatments for patients across Canada.


Dr. Golmehr Sajjady


Internal Medicine & Obesity Specialist

Dr. Golmehr Sajjady is an experienced Obesity Medicine Specialist who has worked with patients across Canada to define, track and reach their weight loss milestones by providing holistic, patient-focused lifestyle and medical management support.


A board-certified physician of Internal Medicine and Diplomate of both the American Board of Obesity Medicine and the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine, she has been practicing Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine with North Shore and Fraser Health regions since 2017.

Dr.Golmehr Sajjady, Internal Medicine & Obesity Specialist

The desire to improve access to quality care that can address her patients' unique health issues, combined with her new-found understanding and appreciation for Lifestyle Medicine as a practical bariatric care solution approach, inspired Dr. Sajjady to establish a clinic dedicated to lifestyle medicine.


Dr. Sajjady is a strong advocate for lifestyle modification and counseling because she believes that helping people identify and address the root causes of their weight challenges provides long-term solutions that can improve their health in a safer, healthier, and sustainable way.

Dr. Behroz Rashidi Family Physician

Dr. Behroz Rashidi


Family Physician

Dr. Behroz Rashidi is a skilled and highly experienced Family Physician who genuinely cares about delivering quality, holistic medical care to patients in need of comprehensive medical management and advice - especially in the area of preventative medicine, obesity management, and chronic illness management.


Driven by a desire to help his patients attain holistic health at any age, Dr. Rashidi collaborates with the team to develop custom patient care plans that take the unique health needs of each patient into account. This approach delivers targeted care that impacts his patients in their greatest need areas and translates to long-term health improvements.

Dr. Rashidi is licensed through the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia and holds an active certification in the specialty of Family Medicine (CCFP) from The College of Family Physicians of Canada.  He is also an active member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine 


When he is not working, Dr. Rashidi spends time with his family exploring the beautiful and scenic outdoors of British Columbia.

Lillian Yin, BSc, RD, CBE, CDE

Registered Dietitian & Obesity Educator

Nicole Mireau, BSc, RD

Registered Dietitian

Nicole Parsons

Registered Nurse

Jean Go

Medical Office Assistant

Our Affiliates

Ash Mehrsai, RRT

Registered Respiratory Therapist