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AT 360°

AT 360°

Free Weight Loss Consultation Completely Covered by Your MSP 

Free Consultation

Covered by MSP

Patients with health coverage from recognized provincial, federal funding, and extended health care plans are eligible for our Program

Board Certified Physicians

Our licensed and reputable physicians are committed to providing patients with high-quality medical services and care, guided with clear vision and values.

Get Help in Your Weight Loss Journey from Anywhere in Canada

Connect with us virtually and start the journey to restore your health

Go from Being Overweight to Being Your Best Weight

Our experts treat, prevent and manage different weight-related health conditions

Why Choose Us?


We Actively Support Your Weight Loss Aspirations.

At Aspire Bariatric & Lifestyle Clinic, We care about your weight challenges and work with you because we know that losing weight requires not just commitment on your part but also support from the right people.

As weight management experts, we love what we do and put in our best effort to help you reach your weight loss goals in a healthy, structured, and realistic way.



You will need to get a referral from your Doctor. This could be from your family physician or health care provider who provides medical care for you.

If you are interested and have no Physician, Please download the referral form and take to any walk-in clinic.



Your first appointment will be a virtual or in-person consultation and evaluation with Dr.Golmehr Sajjady.

You will receive a comprehensive and specific plan for your individual

medical needs and treatment goals.



You will be assigned to Dr. Golmehr Sajjady and a dietitian from our team to monitor your weight loss journey’s progress.

Our multidisciplinary team
develops bariatric treatment programs
tailored to each person's needs.

Lifestyle Modification.
Chronic Disease Management.
 Bariatric Care.

Lifestyle Management, Chronic Disease Management, Bariatric Management

Explore all the possibilities to find what works just for you. 

A Different Weight
Loss Experience

What makes Aspire Bariatric
& Lifestyle Clinic Different?

Faster Onboarding

We onboard new patients through an initial consultation and immediately start building their individualized plans. Our fast onboarding program enables anyone who needs our help to access it when it is most suitable for them.

Service Quality

We have expertise in internal medicine, obesity medicine, and lifestyle medicine. Our broad knowledge and experience in these fields put us in a unique position to address, treat, and manage diverse weight-related health conditions.

Collaborative Focus

We listen to you, your medical team, and people whose decisions affect your health in any way. We believe that working together is in your best interest because it improves the efficiency and efficacy of our service delivery to you.

360° Patient Engagement
& Support

We empower you with the knowledge you need to take actionable steps towards your goals and keep you informed at every stage so that you can remain in control to make sound, beneficial decisions with us for your long-term wellbeing.

Zero Cost for You

Our program is covered by public health insurance and extended healthcare plans from eligible healthcare providers. This coverage significantly minimizes your out-of-pocket costs.

What Patients Say


"Dr. Sajjady has helped me improve my overall health.  She creates a welcoming environment that has no judgment.  Working within my lifestyle Dr. Sajjady has helped me lower my blood sugar levels, lower my blood pressure and manage my weight.  All this care had been with caring support."


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